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The Richest U.S. Presidents Of All Time

U.S. Presidents have received a yearly salary of $400,000 since 2001. So, it’s safe to say most of these politicians accumulate their fortunes either before or after their time in office. Bill Clinton for example, made $15 million for writing a memoir about his time in power. Here is a list of the richest U.S. Presidents of all time. Honorable mention to John F. Kennedy, who shared a trust with rest of his family created by his father, which was worth approximately $1 billion.

Andrew Jackson ($119 Million)

Jackson served as the 7th U.S. President between 1829-1837. His wealth was not well known at the time of his Presidency because he married into money. He also accumulated wealth during his time with the military. While keeping his fortune under wraps, Jackson gained popularity amongst the middle-class as a “common man.” After his time in office, Jackson allegedly fell deep into debt before passing away in 1845.

The White House

George Washington And Donald Trump Are The Two Wealthiest Presidents To Ever Occupy The White House

Theodore Roosevelt ($125 Million)

Much like Kennedy, Roosevelt was born into wealth. It was a comfortable upbringing for the 26th President, but his adult-life provided challenges. Roosevelt lost a sizable portion of his fortune due to failed investments. He was able to earn good pay for the remainder of his life though, pulling himself out of a potential financial deficit.

Thomas Jefferson ($212 Million)

Jefferson’s legacy is stained with alleged relationships he shared with slaves he owned. Slavery was also where he made his fortune – the 3rd President owned a 5,000-acre plantation in the state of Virginia. His land wasn’t the only profitable entity in his life though. Jefferson did make a very good living through a long career in politics.

George Washington ($525 Million)

Given that he was the 1st President, voted into office in 1789, it is quite surprising that he was so wealthy. His plantation, Mount Vernon, is still worth a fortune. His net worth was helped a lot by his wife, who inherited a fortune of her own from her father. To add to that, Washington did not receive the typical Presidential salary. During his first year in office, he received 2% of the total U.S. budget.

Donald Trump (Between $3-10 Billion)

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s net worth. Several outlets report he is worth around $3 billion, while Trump famously told voters that he is worth more than $10 billion. Trump’s refusal to release tax statements only increased the speculation about his personal fortune. While not all of his business ventures have been successful, Trump’s net income is definitely in the black today. Whether he is worth $3 or $10 billion, Trump is still by far the richest President in U.S. history.

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