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Ten Notable Celebrities To Beat Cancer

Earlier this week, the world was informed that Emmy-winning actress and the star of HBO’s hit comedy series Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus was diagnosed with breast cancer. She simply took to Twitter to post, “1 in 8 women get breast cancer. Today, I’m the one.” A common misconception in the world of entertainment is that celebrities are invincible, but the truth is they are regular human beings like everyone else. Although tragic, Louis-Dreyfus is not the first to get cancer, and she won’t be the last. She will be added to a long list of celebrities who have had to battle the terrible disease, but everyone is pulling for her to win that battle, so that she can go back to making everyone’s day brighter with laughter. In an effort to lift the spirits of her many fans, here is a list of celebrities that have fought and defeated cancer throughout the years.

Sheryl Crow

The iconic musician was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and said that it forced her to really look at who she was and how she took care of herself. After re-evaluating her life, Sheryl Crow decided to adopt her son Wyatt one year after being diagnosed. Later, she found out she also had a mild brain tumor that she continually gets checked every six months to make sure everything is ok.

Robert De Niro

The legendary actor’s agent revealed that De Niro was battling prostate cancer in 2003. De Niro is typically a private person, but he did tell former talk show host Larry King that he underwent a prostatectomy to remove the cancerous portion of his prostate.

Kathy Bates

Bates dealt with two different forms of cancers at two separate periods of her life. First, she privately battled ovarian cancer in 2003. Then, she fought off breast cancer in 2012. Although she is in remission now, she has revealed her regret about keeping it all private. She claims that she wishes she was more courageous at the time, so that she could have helped others going through the fight.

Michael Douglas

Douglas revealed that he was battling throat cancer in 2010; however, he later announced that it was actually a form of tongue cancer. He said that the reason he initially lied was that the repercussions of tongue cancer could deter people in Hollywood from hiring him.

Erin Andrews

The Fox Sports sideline reporter was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016, although she did not make it public until January 2017. She revealed that she had battled the disease throughout the 2016 NFL season, including surgery on October 11 and November 1. Nevertheless, she was back on the sidelines just five days later.

Dr. Drew Pinsky

The famous host of Dr. Drew, a medical talk show, returned to the United States feeling ill after a vacation in the Caribbean. Being a doctor, he initially dismissed the potential illness, until his wife urged him to visit a doctor. Later, it was revealed that he had prostate cancer. He is currently in remission.

Christina Applegate

A doctor found cancerous bumps in one of Applegate’s breasts in July 2008, so the actress underwent a double mastectomy and is now cancer-free. She remains very involved in breast cancer prevention and has even started her own foundation.

Ben Stiller

The A-list comedy actor battled prostate cancer in 2014, crediting a diagnostic test he took that year for saving his life. Stiller revealed that he was cancer-free in October 2016.

Sharon Osbourne

The former America’s Got Talent judge and wife of rock star Ozzy Osbourne battled colon cancer in 2002. She underwent surgery and chemotherapy before being declared cancer-free. Since then, Osbourne has started the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program to raise awareness and provide funding to continue the search for a cure.

Larry King

The famous talk show host was diagnosed with a mild form of lung cancer earlier this year. He has since undergone a successful surgery and is feeling fine.

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