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Tesla To Enter The Music Industry?

Tesla co-founder Elon Musk knows a good idea when he sees one. During a question and answer session with investors earlier this month, Musk hinted at the possibility of Tesla creating a streaming service designed specifically for drivers. Musk then insinuated that the American automaker has already begun dabbling in[…]

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Verizon Shells Out Billions For Purchase Of Yahoo

Verizon completed its massive purchase of Yahoo earlier this week. The $4.5 billion deal will likely see Verizon usher in a new era in the technology company’s history. A revamped organizational structure is reportedly only the beginning of the widespread changes set to occur at Yahoo. The purchase, which was finalized[…]

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Keys To Starting A Blog

Naturally, people want their thoughts to be heard by others. A common way to spread one’s ideas is through a blog. Not only can a blog serve as a larger platform to be noticed, but it can be therapeutic as well. A blog can serve as a personal journal or[…]

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