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Netflix Continues To Flourish 15 Years After Inception

As Netflix celebrates its 15-year anniversary this week, the company has more than enough to be thankful for. Their founders could only imagine being atop the streaming industry when they first went public back on May 23, 2002. A $1,000 investment on that day would have already netted an individual $140,000. Unquestionably, Netflix has had a meteoric rise in the entertainment world, and better yet, shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Worth nearly $70 billion today, Netflix growth puts the organization in elite company. Netflix stock has risen 12,997% since going public. By comparison, Amazon’s stock gained 11,348% in the first 15 years; well below Netflix performance. To put Netflix stock into perspective, Apple only experienced a 167% gain during that same time span. And somehow, a sizable dip in shares in 2011 only made Netflix stronger and more progressive in the entertainment business.

Netflix Stock Has Performed At A Historic Rate For Fifteen Years

Netflix Is The Public’s Number One Choice For Streaming Content

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the streaming platform though. When Netflix went public in 2002, its business model was completely different from what it is today. Back then, the company mailed requested DVDs to subscribers. Netflix was battling Blockbuster and cable television at that time. Today, one industry is completely defunct while the other barely clings to life thanks to broadcasting rights with professional sports leagues.

Netflix Original Content

Netflix has evolved over the past decade. Formerly offering popular TV shows and movies, the company has since received critical acclaim for their original productions including “House of Cards,” “Orange Is The New Black,” and “13 Reasons Why” among others. The company continues to progress evidenced by their onslaught of documentaries and stand-up comedy specials in addition to their original shows.

With many highly-anticipated original releases on the way, including “War Machine” starring Brad Pitt, Netflix continues to be the general public’s top choice for entertainment. After massive successes in their first 15 years, Netflix looks to make the next 15 even greater.

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