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Highest Paid Comedians On Netflix

Streaming service Netflix continued its acquisitions of A-list stars by inking a deal with late-night legend David Letterman earlier this week. The former Late Show host will premiere a six-episode series starting in 2018. After officially signing off the air three years ago, Letterman is excited to move to the new platform. It’s another huge get for Netflix as the company keeps stockpiling talent with its ability to pay out large sums of money. Add Letterman to a long list of funny people recently taking their talents to Netflix. Here are some of the highest paid comedians the streaming service currently has in its arsenal:

Jerry Seinfeld

Seinfeld is now officially rich on three different platforms. After making a fortune with his hit TV show, Seinfeld then sold the rights to the program to Hulu for $160 million. And now the comedian has decided to move his most recent show, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee from Sony to Netflix. The new deal includes Cars’ entire catalog and 24 new episodes. The package is believed to be worth $100 million for Seinfeld. This comes just weeks after Forbes Magazine listed the 63-year-old as the highest paid comedian in the world.

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Dave Chappelle

Thanks to Netflix, Dave Chappelle is officially out of his extended entertainment hiatus. Twelve years after he stepped away from Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show, the Washington, D.C. native reemerged with three stand up specials. His comedy deal came with a total paycheck of $60 million, or $20 million apiece. Even though some of his material proved controversial, it was still a massive success for the streaming platform. Chappelle was criticized for not being more socially aware – seemingly his specialty a decade ago. After the first special was released in April, Netflix reported that it was its highest-viewed special of all-time.

Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. remains one of the most popular acts in comedy today. His jokes have translated to numerous projects like his show Louie, blockbuster movies, SNL appearances, and stand-up comedy. The latter made him the most money in 2017. And again, Netflix is the culprit behind his inflated wallet. C.K. earned somewhere between $20 – 30 million from the streaming giant in the past twelve months. Even though Louie is currently on pause, C.K. has millions of reasons to be proud of his comedy.

Chris Rock

You can add Chris Rock to the list of legendary comedians signing pacts with Netflix. Forbes recently ranked Rock as the second-highest paid comedian on earth behind Seinfeld. While he remains busy with his tour and movie work, Rock is currently focused on two stand-up specials for Netflix. For both, he will reportedly earn $40 million. Rock’s specials are set to be released later this year.

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