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Grammys Miss Out On #MeToo Movement

While major awards shows are not about being politically correct, but rather, rewarding artists for excellence in their field, it seemed like the Grammys missed an opportunity on Sunday. While it is important to allow artists to speak up about the issues that plague this country, the 60th edition of the biggest music event in the world saw too much focus put on the political turmoil surrounding Donald Trump’s presidency and not enough on the empowerment of women that took the world by storm in 2017. The courageous women who have spoken out against workplace injustice and sexual assault have sparked the #MeToo movement that has declared 2018, the year of women. Yet, the Grammys had far too many chances to show its support of that movement and failed time and time again.

Ed Sheeran Winning Best Pop Solo Performance

One of the most specific and glaring instances where it seemed like the Grammys dropped the ball was the category for best pop solo performance. While many would argue that Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” was the most popular song nominated in the category, the implications surrounding the award were far too obvious to make the easy pick here. First, Sheeran was the only man nominated in the category. Second and most importantly, Kesha’s “Praying” directly highlights the issues going on in America. The song itself references her alleged sexual assault and would have provided a tremendous spark for the #MeToo movement had she won.

Female Musician

Female Artists Only Won One Televised Grammy

Overall Lack Of Female Winners

Again, not to take anything away from the men that won the awards, but it wasn’t just Kesha who was snubbed at the Grammys. SZA was the most nominated woman of the year, yet she went home empty-handed. It should be said that another woman (Aleissa Cara) won best new artist in her place; however, with the exception of that category, no females took home any major awards on Sunday. For example, Lorde was the only woman to be nominated for album of the year, but she lost to Bruno Mars, who won six Grammys this year. Cardi B could have made history as the first woman to win best rap song for her major hit, “Bodak Yellow,” but she lost to Kendrick Lamar. To put those snubs into perspective, Mars and Lamar combined for 10 Grammys, while Cara was the sole female to win a televised award. Not a great way to start the year of women.

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