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Charities That Give Rather Than Receive

As the holiday season approaches, donating seems to be on the minds of many jolly citizens. Giving back to the needy is a great practice this time of the year. But, with so many charities active around the holidays, it can be difficult to choose the appropriate one for you. Below are some charities to feel good about after donating your hard-earned money.

Toys For Tots

From October – December, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves hold their Toys For Tots drive. A donation to this charity can help a less fortunate child through a difficult time. Every child deserves a present underneath the tree, and that is the goal of Toys for Tots. Being able to put a smile on kid’s face is the best experience one can have during the holidays.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish Foundation aims to help children with life-threatening health conditions. ‘Tis the season for wishes and miracles. This foundation, with your help, can make sure that no child is left behind this holiday season. On their official website it reads, “we are dedicated to making every single child’s wish come true.” That is something everyone can feel good about!

Choose Your Favorite Charity To Give Back To This Holiday Season

Donating To Charities This Holiday Season

United Way

You may recognize United Way Worldwide from their constant commercials during football season. The messages promote youth play and exercise outdoors. But, United Way offers so much more than this. They are a major social service agency that provides assistance to people throughout the entire country.

Samaritans Purse

Perhaps you’d like to make a difference for the less fortunate living outside of the United States. Samaritans Purse is the charity for you. This agency will deliver shoe boxes full of gifts to children living in different countries. For appropriate gift ideas and drop-off locations, they encourage you to visit their official website.

All of these four charities will ensure that your charitable donations will go to good use this holiday season!