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Make Money From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Everyone wants to get paid to stay home. It’s this thinking that makes paid time off so appealing for many employees. But, what if you could collect the PTO without working full-time for a company? Making money online is possible. Due to an innovative “paid to click” structure, one website has become the go-to for those looking to make some cash in their free time.

Treasure Trooper is a website that will pay you for your time and opinions. This offer is not too good to be true! Here is how the site works:

For participation, users earn platinum coins that can be used as cash to buy things like an iPod, Xbox 360, or gift cards. You can also uncover a fascinating treasure hunt. In this adventure, you can purchase map pieces, which is very reminiscent of the game Monopoly. Users can earn pearls as well, which adds up to a pearl bracelet prize.

Get Paid While Sitting At Home Taking Surveys

Make Your Own Money From Home

Treasure Trooper is very similar to sites that offer:

Paid Surveys

Online Shopping

Paid Searching Of The Internet

iPoll is a domain that uses a similar approach to Treasure Trooper. The difference is iPoll is very straight-forward in its setup. This is strictly getting paid to take surveys. The only task is to answer questions regarding products and services you currently use. Users can earn cash or gift cards for their participation. In addition to that, this site features a $10,000 quarterly prize draw!

What’s great about these two sites is your opinion is valued. Your answers to surveys will help brands decide what the market demands. You can help influence new and old products that flood stores or the internet. Think of yourself as part of a focus group, determining which direction a company should go. Your voice will be heard and last but not least, you can make money while doing it!