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Five Easy Ways To Budget Your Money

Saving money is incredibly difficult these days. If you are like most of us, you likely have rent, auto insurance, a phone bill, and health insurance to pay for each month. After those “basic living” expensive are paid off, you still have other necessities to finance. These items include food, drink, and gas. And, perhaps you have the audacity to go out for dinner or a movie once per week. How in the world are you supposed to budget and save money when you have all these expenses? The answers are actually pretty simple. Check out these five helpful tips:

List Your Income And Expenses

The best way to map out an issue is to put pen to paper. Write out how much you make every month after taxes. Next, list the expenses you know you’ll have – rent, etc. After you’ve done some simple mathematics, how much money do you have left-over after those expenses? This is the best way to begin your budgeting process.

Saving Money For Vacations Or Presents Is A Great Way To Keep Your Budgeting On Track

Saving Money For Vacations Or Presents Is A Great Way To Keep Your Budgeting On Track

The Small Things

Now that you have compiled a list of the bigger bills, it’s time to focus on the smaller ones. Put some money aside for groceries and nights out. Perhaps you have small student loan payments to make as well. After your big bills and smaller expenses, do you still have as much money as you thought you did every month?

Where Is The Majority Of The Money Going?

Once you have calculated your big and small bills, you should have a good grasp on where the majority of your money goes. If you are spending nearly half of your income on rent, that may not be a good thing. It is recommended that you should not spend more than 30% of your monthly income on rent. That could be a good starting point to working your way towards a more affordable life.

Save For Surprises

Make sure you have money put aside for anything that may come up. This may include a visit to the doctors or perhaps, a visit to the vet for one of your pets. You must expect the unexpected in life.


Not at all budgets can be worked out and implemented quickly. Life is a process and saving cash is a process too. See what works for you and what sacrifices you can afford to make before settling on a specific budget.