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2017’s Highest Earning CEOs (Part 2)

2017 has already been a memorable year in the ever-growing technology industry. Part one of this list included CEOs that worked in television and communications, but part two includes nothing but technology’s top-dogs. Industry leaders like Google and Apple have celebrated hallmark years so far. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos recently claimed the title of world’s richest man, but several other CEOs are hot on his trail thanks to some historic yearly earnings.

Here is another look at some of 2017’s highest earning CEOs:

Apple Phones

Tim Cook Earned $136 Million In Take-Home Pay Awarded To Him By Apple In 2011

Tim Cook (Apple)

Apple is currently on top of the technology field with Tim Cook at the helm. With numerous innovative projects on the way, like building a fleet of autonomous cars, Apple is only growing as a company. So, it only makes sense that Tim Cook lands on a list of top-paid CEOs. His yearly earnings have a much different breakdown than other CEOs though. Cook collected the majority of his $145 million salary through awards from the year 2011. Cook received more than $136 million in take-home pay based on awards he was given when he became CEO of the company. Not bad for a guy who took home only $8.75 million in base salary this year.

Sundar Pichai (Google)

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had an even bigger year than Tim Cook in 2016. Pichai more than doubled his earnings from the prior year by pulling in a total of $200 million. While he received a base salary of just $650,000, like Cook, Pichai was compensated very well through lofty stock awards. 2016 was Pichai’s first complete calendar year as Google CEO and the company performed better than ever before. This past year, Google’s sales rose by nearly 23% as the company maintained its position as the internet’s advertising leader.

Mark Hurd (Oracle)

Based in Redwood Shores, California, Oracle has become a leader in computer technology. Hurd was named co-CEO along with Safra Catz back in 2014. Two years later, Hurd reeled in more than $53 million in total earnings. Both Hurd and Catz received significant bumps in salary due to Oracle’s tremendous performance as of late. Hurd’s decision to move the company’s assets to cloud technology has paid off in more ways than one.

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